Assembly instructions.

To assemble  a lecube is very easy.

Each lecube was assembled and checked before being knocked down and flatpacked.

A few numbers were punched on some of the components to make assembly as easy as possible.

On one of the two sides numbers 1 to 4 will be punched on the bottom and back side.

Each cross slat will also have a corresponding number punched.

Lign the numbers up and push the four slats in.

IMG 6284

The opposite side can then be attached.

The screws can now be screwed in on each side to complete assembly.


When you have more than one cube, stacking can be done and stability added with the included 4 wooden inserts.

Press or tap these 4 inserts into the bottom of the top lecube.

It is important to do it this way around since alignment will be much more difficult if the inserts are pressed into the top slots.

The slots at the bottom is narrower than the slots at the top of the lecube.

IMG 6286

This assists in lining up the lecubes when they are stacked and leaves a little wiggle room.